The new Stella Maris Parish Directory 2018-2021
is being updated.
Stella Maris Parish Directory 2015-2018
(as of 30th June 2018, all members of 2015-2018 are disolved)
Parish Priests:
1. Rev. Msgr. Primus Jouil (Parish Priest) 013-8507130
2. Rev. Fr. Peter Abas  
Pastoral Council:
Body nominated by the faithful and appointed by the parish priest to assist him in administering pastoral matters and to promote growth of faith in the parish.
1. Msgr. Primus Jouil President
2. Ben Wong Chairpman
3. Jeanne John Deputy-Chairperson
4. Diana Wong Secretary
5. Paulyne Imbayan Catechetical
6. Petrus Augustine Family Life
7. Charles Bisius Liturgy
8. Stephen Lomongko Human Development
9. Sylvia Jenneh SOCCOM
10. Louis Kimlin Inter-Faith
11. Martha Emol Pastoral Care
12. Victoria Robert Bible
13. Steven Tontudon Creation Justice
14. Catharine Ong Treasurer
15. Ervon Ekin Maintenance  
Parish Office Staff: (Parish Office: 088-254321, Fax: 088-231072)
Paid staff of the parish to look into the administration and running of the parish
1. Nazian Juliee Administration