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Parish Calendar 2017


January 2017:

08 Jan            -   Parish Children’s Christmas Party

15 Jan            -   Catechetical Session 2017 begins; Parish Catechetical Sunday Assembly

21 Jan            -   Infant Baptism 1 

22 Jan            -   Sacrament of Confirmation for JWG Students

28 Jan            -   Parish Chinese New Year Mass at 8:00am

February 2017:

02 Feb           -   Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, 7:00pm mass with blessing of candles

03 Feb           -   Blessing of throat at 6:00pm evening mass

05 Feb           -   Boys’ Brigade sending flood relief food assistance to Pitas flood victims

10 Feb           -   Mass for the Sick with anointing at 7:00pm, animated by CCR Ministry

25 Feb           -   Parish Outreach to Children’s Home, Toboh Tambunan (Pastoral Care Ministry)

March 2017:

01 March        -   Ash Wednesday at 7:00pm (Fasting and Abstinence)

03 March        -   Weekly Friday Stations of the Cross begins at 5:25pm

05 March        -   Rite of Election at Sacred Heart Cathedral, 3:00pm

10-12 March   -   CCR Retreat & Pilgrimage to Kuching (Mt. Singai & Mt. Hosanna)

24 March        -   Solemnity Annunciation of the Lord Mass, 6:00pm

April 2017:

01 April          -   Parish Wardens & Matrons Recollection, 9:00am – 12noon

02 April          -   Parish Gotong Royong in preparation for Holy Week & Easter

07 April          -   Para Liturgy for RCIA Elects at Friday Prayer Meeting at 8:00pm         

8-9 April         -   Palm Sunday, procession of palms at Sunday 7:30am Mass. Blessing of palms at all weekend masses

13 April          -   Holy Thursday, 7:00pm, followed by Keeping Watch and Pray till midnight

14 April          -   Good Friday: (a) Stations of the Cross, 8am; (b) Service at 3:00pm; (c) Divine Mercy Novena

15 April          -   Easter Vigil, 8:00pm, with Adult Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist

16 April          -   Easter Sunday, CIC Baptism at the 10:00am BM Mass

23 April          -   Divine Mercy Sunday

May 2017:

07 May           -   Catechetical Assembly 2

13 May           -   100th Anniversary of Apparitions Our Lady of Fatima

14 May           -   Mother’s Day; Parish Kaamatan Celebration?

18-20 May      -   Life in the Spirit Seminar for RCIA Neophytes & Newly Confirmed

21 May           -   JWG Parents-Teachers Meet; Archdiocesan Pentecost Rally at SHC Cathedral

25 May           -   Solemnity Ascension of the Lord Mass at 7:00pm



June 2017

3-6 June         -   Sabah Boy’s Brigade 50th Anniversary International Camp in Kiulu

18 June          -   Father’s Day; Parish Corpus Christi Procession?; 10th Anniversary of Eucharistic Adoration Ministry

July 2017

09 July           -   Bible Sunday

August 2017

15 Aug           -   Solemnity Assumption of Our Lady, 7:00pm

30 Aug–1 Sept – Life in the Spirit Seminar for JWG Confirmation Class students

September 2017

03 Sept           -   Catechetical Assembly 3

10 Sept           -   JWG Parents-Teachers Meet 1

17 Sept           -   JWG Parents-Teachers Meet 2

October 2017

29 Oct            -   JWG last day of classes

30 Oct            - Closing of the Rosary month

November 2017

01 Nov           -   Solemnity of All Saints Mass, 7:00pm

02 Nov           -   All Souls Day Mass, 6:00pm

05 Nov           -   Registration for JWG 2018

12 Nov           -   Registration for JWG 2018

December 2017

06 Dec           - Parish House-to-house caroling begins

08 Dec           -   Solemnity The Immaculate Conception of Mary, 7:00pm

12-15 Dec      -   13th KK Christmas Celebration

17 Dec           -   Parish Gotong-Royong in preparation for Christmas

24 Dec           -   Christmas Midnight Mass, 7:30pm

25 Dec           -   Solemnity The Nativity of Our Lord Mass, 7:30am (Eng) & 10am (BM)

No dates yet:

1.      Parish Feast Day celebration

2.      Formations and trainings of the various parish groups & ministries (family, youth, women, men, readers & commentators, etc.)

3.      Parish Catholic Women’s League 50th Anniversary Celebration





January         -    10, 17 (Assembly), 24, 31

February        -    7 (off), 14, 21, 28

March            -    6, 13 (off), 20 (off), 27 (off)

April              -    3, 10, 17, 24 (Assembly)

May               -    1 (off), 8, 15 (Parents-Teachers Meet), 22
                          (Parents-Teachers     Meet), 29 (off)

June              -    5 (off), 12, 19, 26

July               -    3, 10 (Bible Sunday), 17, 24 (Assembly), 31

August           -    7, 14, 21, 28

Sept              -    4, 11 (off), 18 (Catechetical Sunday), 25

October         -    2 (off), 9 (Assembly), 16 (Parents-Teachers Meet),
                          23 (Parents-Teachers Meet), 30

Nov               -    6, 13 (Registration), 20 (Registration)          


Issued by,


Neil Mah       

Parish Catechetical Coordinator

HP: 013-8798415



September 2015:

1.      12th September, 2015 – Youth Cross visit Stella Maris Church (1 week)

2.      19th September, 2015 – Sending Youth Cross to Inanam parish  

3.      20th September, 2015 – Catechetical Week Off for school holiday

4.      22-24 September, 2015 – Life in the Spirit Seminar for JWG Confirmation Students

5.      26th September, 2015 – The Boys’ Brigade 4th KK & 11th KK Joint Enrolment Service at Stella Maris Church (Sunset Mass, followed by Fellowship Dinner at Parish Hall)


October 2015:

1.      4th October, 2015 – St. Catherine Labouré Church Bazaar at Sacred Heart Cathedral

2.      11th October, 2015:

         (a)     JWG & CIC 3rd Assembly with prize-giving

         (b)     JWG Facilitators-Parents 2nd Assessment Meeting (Part 1)

3.      18th October, 2015:

         (a)     JWG Facilitators-Parents 2nd Assessment Meeting (Part 1)

         (b)     1st Holy Communion Rehearsal (after BM mass)

4.      22nd October, 2015 – Sacrament of Confession for First Communicants, 7pm

5.      25th October, 2015 – 1st Holy Communion at 7:30am English Mass

6.      30th October, 2015 – Closing of the Rosary Month at the 6pm evening mass

7.      30-31 October, 2015 – 11th KK BB Company Camp at Stella Maris Church


November 2015:

1.      1st November, 2015:

         (a)  All Saints Mass

         (b)  Catechetical Week off

2.      2nd November, 2015 - All Souls Mass at 6:00pm           

3.      8th November, 2015:

         (a)  JWG LL & HL last day of class

         (b)  CIC & Children’s Liturgy last day of class & session

4.      9-11 November, 2015 - PAX Assembly at Pace Bene Retreat Centre      

5.      15th November, 2015 – JWG LL & HL 2016 Registration (Part 1)

6.      22nd November, 2015 - JWG LL & HL 2016 Registration (Part 2)


December 2015:

1.      6th December, 2015:

         (a)  Parish Blood Donation #3

         (b)  House-to-house caroling begins

2.      13th December, 2015 – Parish Christmas Gotong-Royong at 11:30am

3.      15–18 December, 2015 – Gaya Christmas Celebration

4.      Advent Penitential Service (date will informed once available)

5.      20th December, 2015 – Parish Carols by Candlelight     

6.      24th December, 2015 – Christmas Midnight Mass at 8:00pm

7.      25th December, 2015:

         (a)     Christmas Day English Mass at 7:30am

         (b)     Christmas Day Bahasa Mass at 10:00am

8.      27th December, 2015 – Parish Children’s Christmas Party at 11:30am

Parish Calendar for 2014:

(as at 21st November, 2013)


January 2014:

1.    1st January, 2014 “ Mass Solemnity Mary, Mother of God at 8:00am

2.  5th January, 2014 “ Briefing for parents & children of JWG LL & HL

3.  12th January, 2014 “ Catechetical 2014 session begins (JWG LL & HL, CIC, Children’s Liturgy of the Word & Liturgi Sabda Kanak-Kanak) with 1st JWG-CIC Assembly (8:45am & 11:15am)

4.  13-14 January, 2014 “ Parish Leaders’ Retreat

5.  31st January, 2014 “ Chinese New Year Mass at 8:00am


February 2014:

1.  2nd February, 2014 - Catechetical Week Off for Chinese New Year

2.  16th February, 2014 “ Infant Baptism preparation talks for parents & godparents

3.  11th February, 2014 - Mass for the Sick at 7:30pm (in conjunction with World Day of the Sick)

4.  15th February, 2014:

  (a)  Â  RCIA marriage convalidation at 9:00am

  b)  Â  Infant Baptism #1 at 10:30am

5.  22nd February, 2014 - Parish Sending Off Rite for Catechumens to the Rite of Election at Sunset Mass 6:00pm. After the Mass, rehearsal for the Rite of Election and Handing of the Apostles’ Creed and First Scrutiny


March 2014:

1.  2nd March, 2014 “ Parish Recycling #1 at 12:00noon

2.  5th March, 2014 “ Ash Wednesday Mass at 7:00pm 

3.  7th March, 2014 - Stations of the Cross 1 at 5:30pm

4.  9th March, 2014 “ Rite of Election for those to be baptized at Easter at Sacred Heart Cathedral

5.  14th March, 2014 - Stations of the Cross 2 at 5:30pm

6.  21st March, 2014 - Stations of the Cross 3 at 5:30pm 

7.  22nd March, 2014 “ Elects First Scrutiny  

8.  23rd March, 2014:

  (a)  Â  Catechetical Week Off for school holiday

  (b)  Â  Parish Blood Donation 1 at 8:40am “ 12:40pm

9.  24th “ 26th March, 2014 “ JWG Years 5 & 6 Camp at Bundu Tuhan

10.   28th March, 2014 - Stations of the Cross 4 at 5:30pm

11.   29th March, 2014 “ Elects 2nd Scrutiny


April 2014:

1.  4th April, 2014 “ Stations of the Cross 5 at 5:30pm

2.  5th April, 2014  Elects 3rd Scrutiny  Â Â 

3.  6th April, 2014:

  (a)  Â  2nd JWG-CIC Assembly at parish hall (8:45am & 11:15am)

  (b)  Â  Parish Easter Gotong-Royong at 11:30am

4.  11th April, 2014:

  (a)  Â  Dateline for parishioners to drop off donated palms at the parish hall

  (b)  Â  Stations of the Cross 6 at 5:30pm


5.  12th April, 2014:

  a)  Â  Decorate church and compound with palms

  (b)  Â  Easter Vigil Rehearsal after Sunset Mass

6.  13th April, 2014:

  (a)  Â  Palm Sunday (procession with palms at the 7:30am mass)

  (b)  Â  Catechetical Week Off for Palm Sunday

7.  17th April, 2014 - Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7pm followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel till midnight

8.  18th April, 2014:

  a)   Stations of the Cross (outdoor) 8:00am

  (b)   Good Friday Service 3:00pm

  (c)   Novena of the Divine Mercy 5:30pm (18th – 27th April, 2014)

9.  19th April, 2014:

  (a)   Pre-Baptism Rites for the Elects 8:00am

  (b)   Easter Vigil with adult baptism and confirmation 8:00pm

10.   20th April, 2014:

  (a)   Easter Sunday English Mass 7:30am

  (b)   Easter Sunday Bahasa Mass 10:00am

  (c)  Â  Catechetical Week Off for Easter Sunday

11.   26th April, 2014 “ CIC Pre-Baptism Rites & Baptism Rehearsal at 8:00am

12.   27th April, 2014:

  (a)  Â  Divine Mercy Sunday celebrated at English Mass 7:30am

  (b)  Â  CIC Baptism at Bahasa Mass 10:00am

13.   28th April, 2014 - Elects’ Mystagogy period (until 23rd June, 2014)

May 2014:

1.  4th May, 2014 - Registration new intake for CIC

2.  8th May, 2014 “  Registration new intake for RCIA

3.  11th May, 2014 “ Parish Kaamatan Celebration at Bahasa Mass 10:00am followed by fellowship lunch

4.  11th – 13th May, 2014 “ Life in the Spirit Seminar for RCIA Neophytes & newly Confirmed

5.  18th May, 2014 (Part 2)


June 2014:

1.  1st June, 2014 “ Catechetical Week Off for school holidays

2.  8th June, 2014 “ Catechetical Week Off for school holidays

3.  9th “ 10th June, 2014 “ JWG Year 4 Camp at Stella Maris Church

4.  12th “ 13th June, 2014 “ JWG Years 7 & 8 Camp at Pace Bene, Papar

5.  15th June, 2014 - Parish Recycling #2 at 12:00noon 

6.  22nd June, 2014 “ Infant Baptism preparation talks for parents & godparents

7.  28th June, 2014 - Infant Baptism #2 at 10:00am

8.  29th June, 2014:

  (a)    Neophytes (newly baptized and confirmed adults) animate Bahasa Mass 10:00am

  (b)   Neophytes Graduation Dinner Fellowship 7:00pm


July 2014:

1.  6th July, 2014 “ 3rd JWG-CIC Assembly (8:45am & 11:15am)   “ Bible Sunday


August 2014:

1.  10th August, 2014 “ Parish Blood Donation 2 (8:40am “ 12:40noon)

2.  30th Aug “ 1st Sept, 2014 life in the Spirit Seminar for Confirmation Students at Stella Maris Church


September 2014:

1.  7th September, 2014:

  (a)   Parish Feast Day

  (b)   Parish Recycling #3 at 12:00noon

2.  14th September, 2014 “ Catechetical Week Off for school holiday

3.  15th “ 16th September, 2014 “ JWG Year 9 Camp at Pace Bene, Papar

4.  21st September, 2014 “ Catechetical Sunday (All weekend masses animated by Catechetical Ministries with commissioning)


October 2014:

1.  5th October, 2014 - JWG Facilitators-Parents 2nd Assessment Meeting (Part 1)

2. 12th October, 2014 - JWG Facilitators-Parents 2nd Assessment Meeting (Part 2)

3.  19th October, 2014 “ Infant Baptism preparation talks for parents & godparents

4.  25th October, 2014 “ Infant Baptism #3 at 10:00am  

5.  26th October, 2014 “ JWG LL & HL, CIC and Children’s Liturgy last day of class

6.  31st October, 2014 “ Closing of the Rosary Month at 5:30pm, followed by Mass.


November 2014:

1.  1st November, 2014 - All Saints Mass at

2.  2nd November, 2014 “ All Souls Mass at 7:30am

3.  9th November, 2014 “ JWG LL & HL 2015 Registration (Part 1)

4.  16th November, 2014 “ JWG LL & HL 2015 Registration (Part 2)


December 2014:

1.  3rd December, 2014 “ House-to-house caroling begins

2.  7th December, 2014:

  (a)   Parish Blood Donation 3 (8:40am “ 12:40noon)

  (b)   Parish Recycling #4 at 12:00noon 

3.  9th “ 12th December, 2014 “ Gaya Christmas Celebration

4.  14th December, 2014 “ Parish Christmas Gotong-Royong at 11:30am

5.  24th December, 2014 “ Christmas Midnight Mass at 8:00pm

6.  25th December, 2014:

  (a)   Christmas Day English Mass at 8:00am

  (b)   Christmas Day Bahasa Mass at 10:00am

7.  28th December, 2014 “ Parish Children’s Christmas Party at 11:30am




1.  Any parish group or ministry who wish to amend and/or include their program or activity into the parish calendar, please inform Neil Mah 013-8798415 (neilcpc@gmail.com).

2.  The above calendar serves as guideline to all parish groups and ministries in organizing their activities to avoid clash and to enable more participation from everyone.
















>> Click on the month <<

Parish Councils, Ministries & Groups

January: go top

Sun 13th


Catechetical Classes begin (JWG Primary & Secondary, CIC, CLW English)


JWG Secondary Facilitators-Parents-Children Assembly (Parish Hall 11:00am)

18th � 25th


Christian Unity Week

Sun 27th


Parish Recycling


February: go top

Sat 2nd


World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life


Blessing of candles (Sunset Mass 6:00pm)

Sun 3rd


Parish Confirmation by Bishop John Lee (7:30am Eng mass)

Thur 7th


Chinese New Year Mass (8:00am) followed by celebration at parish hall

Fri 8th


Ash Friday (6:00pm)

Sat 9th


Rite of Election/Enrolment of Candidates for Baptism (6:00pm Sunset Mass)

Sun 10th


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (CNY)

Fri 15th


Mass for the Sick (7:30pm) animated by CCR in conjunction with World Day of the Sick (11th Feb)

Fri 15th


1st Stations of the Cross Eng & BM (5:30pm) followed by evening daily mass (Other dates for stations � 22/2, 29/2, 7/3, 14/3)

Sat 23rd


1st Scrutiny/Purification for Elects (6:00pm Sunset Mass)

Sun 24th


Bahasa Mass Commentators & Lectors recollection 7:00pm


March: go top

Sat 1st


2nd Scrutiny/Purification for Elects (6:00pm Sunset Mass)

Sun 2nd


Blood donation during Lent (Parish Hall 8:30am-12:00noon)

Sat 8th


Rite of Reception into full communion of the Catholic Church & 3rd Scrutiny/Purification for Elects (6:00pm Sunset Mass)

Sun 9th


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (school holiday)

Wed 12th


Chrism Mass (Sacred Heart Cathedral 7:30pm)

Sat 15th


Rehearsal for Rites on Holy Saturday & Easter Vigil for Elects & Confirmation candidates (8:00pm)

Sun 16th


Palm Sunday procession (7:30am English Mass)


World Youth Day


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (Palm Sunday)

Wed 19th


Reflection & Meditation on the Passion of Christ animated by CCR (7:30pm)

Thurs 20th


Holy Thursday Liturgy (6:00pm) followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament till midnight (Fellowship Centre)

Fri 21st


Stations of the Cross (8:00am) - outdoor


Good Friday Service (3:00pm)

Sat 22nd


Anointing of Catechumens, Handing-on of the Lord�s Prayer, Rite of Ephphetha & Handing of Creed for Elects (8:00am)
Easter Vigil Liturgy with Baptism & Confirmation (8:00pm)

Sun 23rd


Easter Mass English (8:00am), Easter Mass Bahasa (10:00am)


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (Easter)

28th � 30th


Catechists� Formation for Tg Aru, Sacred Heart & Labuan parishes (Pace Bene, Purak)

30/3 � 1/4


CCR Retreat (Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre)

Date yet to be fixed:

Acies 2008


April: go top

Thurs 10rd


Registration for new intake RCIA Baptism 2009

Sun 13rd


Vocation Sunday

Sat 19rd


Anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI


May: go top

1st � 3rd


Life in the Spirit Seminar for RCIA class

Thurs 1st


Ascension of the Lord (8:00am) � Day of Obligation

Sun 4th


42nd World Communications Day

Sun 11th


Mother�s Day, Pentecost Sunday, Parish Kaamatan Mass

Mon 19th


Diocesan Kaamatan (St. James Church, Tenghilan)

Sun 25th


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (school holiday)


June: go top

Sun 1st


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (school holiday)

Sun 8th


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (school holiday)

Sun 15th


Father�s Day

Sun 22nd


Colouring Competition for JWG Primary God�s Kingdom & Year 1-3 levels

Thurs 26th


Diocese of Kota Kinabalu: Anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop John Lee

Sun 29th


Bahasa Mass animated by RCIA class (10:00am)


RCIA Fellowship Dinner & Certificate Presentation (7:00pm)


JWG Primary visiting parents

Date yet to be fixed:
JWG Secondary Parents & Facilitators� Gathering


July: go top

4th � 6th


Healing of the Family Tree Seminar

Sun 6th


Rev. Fr. Fundes Sacerdotal Ann.

Sun 13th


Bible Sunday

18th � 19th


Life in the Spirit Seminar for Confirmation Students

Date yet to be fixed:
1. Prayer Rally parish level (Focus: prayer seminar & workshop for families)
2. Praesidium (Junior & Senior) function


August: go top

Thu 7th   Fr. Tony�s 9th sacerdotal anniversary

Fri 15th


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (7:00pm) � Day of Obligation

Sun 17th


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (school holiday)

19th - 23rd


Sabah Youth Day 2 (Ranau)

Sun 24th


JWG Primary & Secondary no class (school holiday)

30th � 31st


First Holy Communion Camp (Eng & BM)

Sun 31st


JWG Secondary no class (school holiday)

Sun 31st


Merdeka Day (English & BM masses)


September: go top

Sun 7th


Parish Feast Day

Sun 14th


Catechetical Sunday

Date yet to be fixed:
JWG Primary Facilitators� retreat/recollection


October: go top

Thur 2nd    Fr Tony Mojiwat's birthday
Sun 5th   Fr Tony Mojwat's birthday celebration parish level 6:30pm at the Parish Hall. Bring a dish to share
Sun 12th   JWG Primary facilitators interview parents of 1st Holy Communion students
Infant baptism preparation 1 for parents & godparents (2:00pm)
Sun 19th   World Mission Sunday
Infant baptism preparation 2 for parents & godparents (2:00pm)
Sat 25th   Catholic Women's League 40th Anniversary Celebration - Mass at 6:00pm followed by subscribed Anniversary Dinner at the Parish Hall
Sun 26th   Parish Golden Age Celebration - Mass at 10:00am followed with lunch at Parish Hall
Infant Baptism (2:00pm in the Church)
Wed 29th   Closing of the Rosary Month (Rosary at 5:30pm, Mass 6:00pm with crowning of the Mother Mary's statue
Fri 31st   Feast of All Saints Mass at 6:00pm. It is a day of obligation

November: go top

Sat 2-3   Mass Commemoration of All Souls at all weekend masses
Sun 9   Confering Sacrament of 1st Holy Communion (7:30am English Mass)
JWG Secondary Students' Annual Dinner
Sun 16th   JWG Secondary Facilitators Fellowship Gathering
JWG Primary Students' Year End Fellowship (morning)
JWG Primary Facilitators' Dinner

December: go top

Sat 6th   Amazing Carols by Candlelight at Tennis Court Arena, Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu (6:30pm-10:30pm)

Sun 7th


Blood donation during Advent (Parish Hall 8:30am-12:30noon)
House-to-house caroling begins

Sun 14th   Gotong-royong to clean the Church in preparation for Christmas (11:30am onwards) 
Wed 17th - Fri 19th   Gaya Christmas Celebration 2008 - organised by Sabah Council of Churches in partnership with Kota Kinabalu City Hall - nightly program of stage shows, street carols singing & hawkers stalls along Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu from 7pm-10pm 
Wed 24th   Christmas Midnight Mass (8:00pm)
Thur 25th   Christmas Day Mass (8:00am)
Sun 28th   Parish Golden Anniversary Celebration (1956-2008)


January 2009: go top

Thurs 1st


Solemnity Mary Mother of God Mass (8:00am)

Parish Councils, Ministries & Groups
go top


1. Pastoral Council - Thomas More Willie (Chairman)

2. Finance Council - Datuk Claudius Roman(Chairman)

3. Property & Maintenance - Fr. Fundes Motiung


Catechetical Ministries: (Coordinator: Diana Wong)

1. Joyful Weekend Gathering Primary - Karen Tan

2. Joyful Weekend Gathering Secondary - Richard Teo

3. Christian Initiation for Children (CIC) - Raymond Tan

4. Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) - Gregory Juin

5. Infant Baptism - Jeremy Ting


Liturgical Ministries: (Coordinator: Neil Mah) go top

1. Choir & Music Ministry - Neil Mah

2. Altar Servers - Jeremy Adriano

3. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - Gregory Juin

4. Wardens & Matrons Ministry - John Robert

5. Children�s Liturgy of the Word (English) - Diana Wong (Bahasa) - Theresa Simin

6. Special Ministry - Kay Armstrong

7. Church bulletin: Neil Mah (layout), Kay Armstorng & Juvita Stevenson (sales)

8. Weekend mass Coordinators - Helen Ting, Nancy Ng

9. Daily Mass Coordinators - Sr. Alphonsus Low, Helen Ting

10.Sacristant - Bernadus

Support Groups: (Coordinator: John Robert)

1. Service Team - Ronald Tan

2. Sunday School Parents Group - John Robert

Apostolate Ministries: (Coordinator: Mathew Gulil)

1. Prayer Intercessory Ministry - Cindy Tsen

2. Kerasulan Bahasa - Theresa Simin

3. Legion of Mary - Catharine Ong

4. Eucharistic Adoration Ministry - Elizabeth Chia

5. Catholic Women�s League - Theresa William

6. Youth Ministry - George Damianus

7. Catholic Charismatic Renewal - Neil Mah

Human Development:

1. Pastoral Care - Flora Bee

2. Social Communications & Documentation - Richard Tayuk

3. Pastoral Outreach - Irene George

4. Family Life Ministry - Gregory Juin

Basic Ecclesial Communities: (Coordinator: Gregory Juin)

1. KKD St. Faustina, Pasir Putih - Charles Tikon

2. KKD JKR Quarters, Putatan - Fedelia Bojiki

3. KKD Tg Aru - Mathew Gulil

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